Reasons For Going To A Hair Salon

If you are the type of person that likes to take your hair care into your hands most of the time, then you may not recognize the times you would be better off going to a hair salon. You may take care of your hair regularly, trimming, coloring, and perming it yourself. However, when you really want to have fantastic-looking hair, there are many benefits to going to a hair salon when you need something done to your hair for a special occasion or just to have your hair properly treated once in a while, The information here is going to point out some of the times when you should really go to a hair salon, as well as some of the reasons a hair salon is better for your hair than your own home care is. [Read More]

Is Food Causing My Acne?

The link between food and acne hasn't been completely proven or disproven by studies. The current thinking is that nothing is probably causing acne directly, but there may be ways to help influence your skin's health through diet that could reduce the risk of developing acne. However, anecdotes abound about skin magically clearing up after giving up a certain food— and of course, most people have a story about developing a zit after eating a chocolate bar or bag of fries. [Read More]

Botox Treatments Really Rid Your Facial Skin Of Wrinkles

It's a good idea for you to fully understand the science of how Botox works for the wrinkle-free cosmetic procedure you've been scheduled to undergo. You'll have a better understanding of what to expect. Understanding what the procedure is all about helps you to realize that everyone undergoing a Botox treatment reacts differently. There could be a reason why your procedure does not seem to show the exact results you're expecting right away. [Read More]

What Coolsculpting Can Do That Lipo Can't

Coolsculpting is the brand name given to cryolipolysis. It is a process whereby the shape and contours of your body are vastly improved with the use of extreme cold. It has many advantages over liposuction, which include all of the following. No Cutting and NO Scars With liposuction, a doctor makes a long incision at the bottom of your abdomen or shorter incisions in the other areas of your body. A canula is inserted through the incision, and with very rough, very quick strokes, the surgeon uses the sharp end of the canula to scrape the fat from the skin and go a tad deeper. [Read More]